Board of Advisors

Sakya Heritage Board of Advisors, 2022

The Governing Board of Directors of Sakya Heritage Society is located in Seattle, Washington (USA). It is comprised of members of the Sakya family, and others with specific talents in Business Administration, Finance, Technology, Education, Fundraising, Translation, and many other abilities necessary to guide the Sakya Heritage Society to the fulfillment of its goals. The non-profit Sakya Heritage Foundation is a branch of the Society and its function is to assist in raising funds for the Sakya Heritage Society.

Front Row, left to right:

  1. Dagmo Lhanze – Communications Liaison, Overseas Programs
  2. Dhungsey Mati Rinpoche – President
  3. H.E. Khöndung Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche – Head Lama
  4. Dhungsey Zaya Rinpoche – Vice President
  5. H. E. Dagmo Kusho – Spiritual Advisor, Tibetan Buddhist Teacher
  6. Dagmo Peggy – Communications Liaison, US Programs

Second Row, left to right:

  1. Jamyang Gyaltsen – General Manager of Jaigaon Project, Phuntsokling India
  2. Michael Lekas – Director of Technology
  3. Laura Ellis – Director of Growth and Opportunity
  4. Ellen Braun – Director of Social Media
  5. Gillian Teichert – Sakya Monastery Treasurer, SHS Financial Liaison