Lama Kan Tsao – Padma Ozer Damcho Jigme Dorje

The following biography is from an account told by HE Kongtrul Rinpoche to H.H. Sakya Gongma.

The previous Venerable Lama Kan Tsao Rinpoche was born into the Lee family in 1916, in Guandong, China. In 1936, he was ordained by Master Leow-Chen of Eternal Bliss Dharma Center (Chan-Lek-Ann), Pu-Tor Mountain. He received full ordination from Master Chow-San, and Master Leow-Chen was his Dharma teacher. In 1947, Venerable Kan Tsao met Master Mee Sian in Pu-chi Monastery. Both developed a keen interest to pursue this tradition of Tibetan teachings. It was the initial inspiration of Master Mee Sian that motivated both masters to eventually study in Kham, Tibet.

During his lifetime, Lama Kan Tsao frequently spoke of the blessings and encouragement that H.H. Gongma Rinpoche had given to him.

Ven. Lama Kan Tsao Rinpoche entered into nirvana on June 1, 1993 and five-colored relics emerged after his body was cremated. Dedication prayers were said by H.H. Gongma Rinpoche in Seattle. Master Mee Sian repeatedly urged his students to look for the reincarnation of Lama Kan Tsao and instructed them to seek help from H.H. Gongma Rinpoche, as Lama Kan Tsao had previously requested. Master Mee Sian was always very grateful for the tremendous help that Rinpoche provided. Upon the request of the students, H.H. Gongma Rinpoche wrote a True Word Prayers for the swift return of Lama Kan Tsao Rinpoche.

In 1997, H.H. Gongma Rinpoche visited Hong Kong to bestow teachings and told the students that the reincarnation of the late Lama Kan Tsao was born and was now old enough to be found. In February 1999, after H.H. Gongma Rinpoche had performed many prayer, divinations and protector rituals, he predicted that the Yangtsik (reincarnation) was born in the wood dog year of the Tibetan calendar. He was a boy living in the northwestern part of India. He was identified by his parents names. In the spring of 1999, when H.H. Gongma Rinpoche was bestowing the Lamdre teachin in Ghoom, India, the Yangtsik was found and brought to him for recognition. He was given the name Padma Ozer Damcho Jigme Dorje, meaning Lotus Sun Ray Dharm Fearless Thunderbolt. Upon request of the students, H.H. Gongma Rinpoche composed a long life prayer for the Yangtsik.

In 2001, by the instructions of H.H. Gongma Rinpoche, Yangtsik requested and received his novice vows from H.E. Chogye Trichen Rinpoche. Since then he has engaged completely in religious training and practices according to the Tibetan tradition. He is currently continuing his advanced studies in Bir, India, at the Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute with H.E. Avikrita Vajra Sakya Rinpoche.

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