The Sakya Education Centre in New Delhi is the home of the Sakya family and 55 young monks who are receiving a traditional monastic education. Sakya Heritage Society supports each monk, their teachers, and the house staff.

Recently the Sakya Education Centre has been enlarged to provide more living space for our recently arriving additional monks, as well as a new shrine room and guest quarters. Our goal for New Delhi is to establish an entry point for Dharma students arriving from all over the world, by October 2013. These students will come to a fully functioning retreat facility that will serve as a starting point for their retreat, spiritual pilgrimage, volunteer work, or other travels around India. We have staff in place to help with all your travel arrangements and any other requirements for coming to India. Most importantly there will be guides to help make the experience a pleasant one. Funds from these activities will provide support for our resident monks as well as building funds for Jaigon.