About the Monks


ABOUT THE MONKS… Currently, there are 55 Student Monks at the New Delhi Sakya Phuntsok Phodrang Heritage Society. The monks all range from 10 to 18 years of age. The majority of the Monks come from areas of India such as Ladakh, Jaigon, and Phuntsokling. Phuntsokling is near the projected area we are building the new Monastery and school.

The Monks are full of enthusiasm and often the excitement and energy felt throughout the Delhi Phodrang is directly funneled through them. The Monks are in School most of the time as the schedule requires a complex amount of training and chores with breaks and meals in between. The different subjects they study are Tibetan grammar, Buddhist text memorization and understanding, Buddhist rituals and prayers, English Grammar and Math. During their Weekly Holiday (day off from studies), they play Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom board and Chess. They also help in maintaining and keeping the Phodrang premises clean. Many of the Monks were admitted by their parents to join the Phodrang, some volunteered and others were selected based on their background. The variety of personalities and languages (Hindi, Ladakhi, Nepali, English, Tibetan and Chinese) spoken at the Sakya Phodrang in New Delhi makes for a diverse, rainbow of ethnicities and languages which transforms this site into a special locale-ideal for an exchange of ideas and differing cultures to take place.

Most of the monks will continue their studies in Buddhist Institutions for higher studies. Upon completion of their respective degrees several student-monks have chosen to return to teach or further assist the Monastery as it continues to grow. Many of the Monks and the staff have chosen to make the New Delhi Sakya Phodrang their home and will strive to continue their studies and upkeep of this beautiful center. It is however, with financial support and assistance that this can be accomplished. If one is interested in supporting any or all of the Monks at the Sakya Phodrang in New Delhi, a Grand opportunity exists where financial assistance is welcome. Options are available for those interested in selecting a specific Monk(s) if desired.