Jaigon - Our Crown Jewel

Recently, Sakya Heritage Society became a formally registered non-profit society in Jaigon Province, West Bengal, near the Bhutan border. We have purchased 13 acres of land, which will be the future site of a Buddhist Monastery in the Sutrayana Tradition.

In addition to the Monastery, we will build a school to serve the community, dormitories for the monks, guest quarters for future retreats, a medical clinic and a nursing home for our precious senior Tibetans who hold the knowledge of the culture. It is our goal to preserve the precious culture of Tibet along with the Dharma. Currently, a stone wall is being built, power has been brought in, a storage/work shop has been built and the caretaker’s cottage has been purchased. The architectural plans have been drawn and soon the school will be started.

Sakya Heritage Executive Secretary Board Member Ashley Toney with Hong Kong Representatives Edward Wong & William Wong successfully establishing Feng Shui construction starting point(white rock). Jaigon, India

This organization exists to create a spiritual centre in Jaigon.

We are dedicated to preserving the precious, unbroken Sakya-Khon Lineage transmission from the Lord Buddha. The vision is to build an international centre, a modern day Nalanda, the ancient Buddhist centre of higher learning in Bihar, India. It will provide the highest quality of spiritual education. Sakya Heritage Society exists to ensure the survival of these teachings for generations to come. The Sakya Heritage Foundation, the United States non-profit, is the spearhead group supporting the Sakya Heritage Society. Contact us for more details

Please check this page often as we continue to update our plans and progress.








This is the South Sakya Monastery in Tibet, the model for our Monastery.