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H.H. Sakya Rinpoche's father was the previous Sakya Trinchen and a deeply realized master.

In a very personal and intimate glimpse into a letter written by Dhungsey Avikrita Vajra Sakya to his brother, Dhungsey Abhaya Vajra Sakya, he writes a most fascinating and inspiring account of another of the Precious Sakya Lineage's deeply realized masters - their paternal great-grandfather, Trinchen Dorje Chang, Nyawang Thutob Wangchug, the previous Sakya Trinchen. In a letter written this year, and with permission to publish it here, we can read about the history, lineage and specifically stories about this precious Lama and main guru to H.H. Sakya Rinpoche. Details about the prophesies, the siddhi's demonstrated and the tracings of the lineage are here in a letter of encouragement from one Dhungsey to another. With permission from both the Dhungseys and their parents, Dhungsey Zaya Vajra Sakya and Dagmo Lhanze, we are able to read a most personal and inside glimpse of a communication between the Dhungseys. With English being his second language, these words are most intelligent and well spoken, and a clear account for our inspiration and education. Read the letter.


Dhungseys Visit USA, give teachings in Washington and California


Dhungseys Avikrita Vajra Sakya and Abhaya Vajra Sakya Rinpoches were recently in the United States to visit their grandfather, H.H. Sakya Rinpoche and grandmother H.H. Jamyang Dagmo Kusho, parents Dhungsey Zaya Vajra Sakya and Dagmo Lhanze and family as well as to establish connections with dharma students. Read the account of this, as written by a dedicated student of H.H. Sakya Rinpoche. Read here



Dhungsey Mati Rinpoche Addresses Sakya Monastery regarding the Sakya Education Center.

Recently, at a board meeting for Sakya Monastery in Seattle, WA, addressing H.H. Sakya Rinpoche, H.E. Dagmo Kusho and the board of Sakya Monastery, Mati Rinpoche gave an updated account of the activities and needs of our Sakya Heritage Society progress. Read the account here.