Sakya Monastery Annual Board Meeting
July 1, 2012


Tashi Deleg Everybody, good afternoon, On Behalf of H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche and the Sakya Heritage Board of directors, I would like to present you a brief update of our activities.  The Sakya Center in Asola India currently provides for 42 monks from ages 7 thru 18, 3 teachers, 2 office staff along with a gardener and cook. Remodeling of 2 additional class rooms and office from an unused garage, and also a Tsug  Lha  Khang (Shrine room)  connected to the main building along with a guest house have all been completed and are currently in full use.  The SHS has also completed the auspicious ownership of over 12 acres of land in Jaigon, located in N.E. India for future expansion.

Many of our young monks have gone onto significant accomplishments such as Tashi Rigzin, who passed the rigorous Vajrakilaya Exams in 2010 and is now one of the teachers at our Educational Center.

One of our projects we are very excited about is creating a Pilgrimage and Retreat Center based at the Phodrang where members of our Monastery and others regardless of their religious views, can follow in the footsteps of Lord Buddha, or strive towards enriching their self realization all in the pursuit of releasing every sentient being from the hook of Samsara.

Many of you are familiar with who we are and have already contributed generously through financial support as well as your time and efforts. In part, because of you we have been able to sustain our situation and continue to grow. And to those of you who are unfamiliar, and perhaps interested in joining in our cause, here are the people to speak with. I would now like to proudly introduce you to the acting Board of Directors of the Sakya Heritage Society.
I consider these special people Dharma Hybrids - like cars that combine gas and electricity, these individuals utilize Eastern and Western concepts to maximize efficiency.

Please stand so people will recognize you.

Zaya Rinpoche,  Dagmola, Peggyla, Lhanzela, Marilyn Harris, AshleyToney, Tsering Ga Ga, Teresa Lamb, Lori Coupez, Kathleen Ramm, Tom Ashbrook, and a special acknowledgement to John Connelly.  

Please don't hesitate to approach any of us with questions you may have and visit our web site at

In closing I would like to thank all of you for your virtuous efforts towards the betterment of our Blessed Monastery and in particular, to H.H and Dagmo Kushog for their continual guidance and supreme blessings.

                     Dhungsey Mati Vajra Sakya